David Crane


David Crane is one of the most successful designers of entertainment software in the world.  His award winning video games, led by Pitfall!™, Ghostbusters™,  A Boy and His Blob™, and Amazing Tennis™ are acknowledged as some of the most innovative and popular in the interactive entertainment  industry.“  - Classic Gaming Expo

“Crane, a virtual Berlitz academy of computer languages, is also a genius in the Hollywood sense.  His games are the nearest things to sure hits in the industry.”   - TWA Ambassador Magazine

“David Crane is one of the most talented and successful software and hardware designers of all time!  An Atari programmer, co-founder of Activision, and generally known for creating the wildly popular ’82 game of the year,
Pitfall!™”  - GoodDealGames.com

“Crane helped define Activision's earlier efforts with games like Pitfall!, Decathlon, Ghostbusters (a particularly great effort considering most licensed games -- especially in the earlier days of the industry -- were terrible to the point of almost causing it to cave in on itself) and Little Computer People (arguably the first modern digital pet).”  -- IGN


Video Game Designer, Programmer, and Industry Pioneer